Lakshmipraba U S, Founder & Director, Prithvimitra Innovations

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Humans of Climate Action - Lakshmipraba U S

Lakshmipraba U S– HBuilding a community around sustainability

Building a community around sustainability and educating them is the need of the hour today and we have someone who’s doing exactly that.

Meet Lakshmipraba- “By Training and Profession, I am an Engineer but my heart lies in spreading the word about sustainable living and creating an impact for the same.

I was working in the Corporate Sector as a well-settled Engineer when it dawned on me that there is a greater message for me to share with the world and without further ado, I left my job to pursue it.

Having always believed in sustainable living myself, I was further inspired and encouraged by my family, particularly my husband to lead a waste-free life. We started taking baby steps at home- by consuming organic vegetables and legumes, consuming less plastic, and following waste segregation and composting.

There has been no stopping since then- I have been working in the Waste Management sector with Whitefield Rising as a volunteer for the last 9 years. I also started an initiative called Rent A Cutlery along with my friend Rishita Sharma, through which the participants were given the option to switch from single-use disposables to reusables(stainless steel), thereby contributing to zero waste after a party or event.
This prevented the dumping of around 2,00,000 Single-use disposables in landfills.

My intention of starting Prithvimitra Innovations (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. is a realisation of my 10-year journey of sustainability as a conscious consumer. It is also my desire to extend the joy as well as the importance of being an Environmental Changemaker to everyone out there. So far, I have created awareness through workshops and motivated 8000+ people to Environment-friendly living. Participants in my workshops include school students, college goers and even corporations. Recently, my Enterprise got pre-incubated at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore's NSRCEL and I am really excited for the next phase.

I am currently on my way to inspire 10 million people into Environment-friendly living- Come join me on this journey!"

  • Lakshmipraba U S, Founder & Director, Prithvimitra Innovations

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