Announcing ClimaJo - The Loyalty and Rewards Programme for Sustainability

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Ankit Srivastava

2022-06-05 10AM

Dear All,

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we are very excited to present to you - ClimaJo, the loyalty and rewards programme rewarding sustainable actions.

Why a Rewards and Loyalty Programme for Sustainability?

We all know that we are at a critical stage in our fight against climate change. The good news is a majority of us are concerned and want to act. However, most existing solutions focus on long term plans. In our age of instant gratification, they do not create enough incentives for all of us to act NOW.

That is the reason, we are building a loyalty and rewards programme that rewards your sustainable actions today.

So, now, every time you act sustainably, you earn rewards! These rewards will be in different forms - discounts, ClimaJo token (NFTs and fungible), access to a global sustainable community, their events and meet-ups.

So, working and action for our dear planet got even better!

ClimaJo Climate Champions

Today, we are also opening our exclusive ClimaJo Climate Champions Applications, a global community driving sustainable practices to tackle climate change. We are now releasing the application to 1,000 individuals who would be our champions in building a better planet.

The champions would get first access to NFTs created by our panel of climate activists and artists. For every NFT that our champions earn, we will contribute money to carbon removal projects to make them carbon positive.

Additionally, Climate Champions will get exclusive rewards with our wonderful sustainability partners. So, as champions, you earn rewards and help our environment simultaneously. Sweet!

So, please apply now as there are only limited spots. The link is at the top of the page.


We have already built a wonderful set of partners who are providing sustainable products and services and making the world a better place. If you are someone who is building a sustainable brand, please reach out to us - we would love to hear from you and explore partnership opportunities.

Together, let’s make sustainable living easy and rewarding!

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