Recycled Plastic Mailer


Recycled Plastic Mailer

Recycled plastic mailers are eco-friendly shipping envelopes made from post-consumer plastic waste. They provide a sustainable alternative, reducing environmental impact and promoting recycling.

foot printCarbon Footprint: 850 to 1,400 kg CO2e per tonne*

clockTime to decompose : a few weeks in facility

recyclability iconRecyclability : 2 to 3 times

dollar signPrice Range : $ 0.20 to 0.40*

Key features

MaterialRecycled plastic
Eco-FriendlyMade from post-consumer recycled plastic
DurabilityProvides reliable protection for shipped items
LightweightReduces shipping costs and carbon footprint
Water-ResistantProtects contents from moisture and light rain
Self-SealingConvenient adhesive strip for easy closure
Tear-ResistantStrong construction to prevent damage during transit
CustomizableCan be printed with branding or information
RecyclableCan be recycled at the end of its lifecycle
Versatile SizesAvailable in various sizes to accommodate different items
Sustainable ChoiceReduces waste and promotes resource conservation


  • Material : Recycled plastic
  • Eco-Friendly : Made from post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Size : Various sizes available for different shipping needs
  • Durability : Tear-resistant construction for secure shipping
  • Water-Resistant : Protects contents from moisture and light rain
  • Closure : Convenient self-sealing adhesive strip for easy closure
  • Printing : Customizable printing options for branding or information
  • Lightweight : Reduces shipping costs and carbon footprint
  • Recyclable : Can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle
  • Versatile : Suitable for various types of items for shipping
  • Sustainability : Promotes waste reduction and resource conservation

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  • Q1: What are recycled plastic mailers made of?
  • A1: Recycled plastic mailers are made from post-consumer recycled plastic, reducing waste and promoting resource conservation.

  • Q2: Are recycled plastic mailers eco-friendly?
  • A2: Absolutely! These mailers are made from recycled materials, providing a sustainable alternative and reducing environmental impact.

  • Q3: Can recycled plastic mailers be recycled?
  • A3: Yes, at the end of their lifecycle, these mailers can be recycled, contributing to a circular economy and further reducing waste.

  • Q4: Are recycled plastic mailers durable?
  • A4: Definitely! Recycled plastic mailers offer reliable protection with tear-resistant and water-resistant properties to safeguard shipped items.

  • Q5: Do recycled plastic mailers come in different sizes?
  • A5: Yes, these mailers are available in versatile sizes, allowing for shipping and mailing various items of different dimensions.

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*Note: The numbers are our best estimate based on the available information