This is a thin, lightweight paper that is commonly used for wrapping delicate items and stuffing gift bags.

foot printCarbon Footprint: 500 to 900 kg CO2e per tonne*

clockTime to decompose : 5 years

recyclability iconRecyclability : 6 times

dollar signPrice Range : $ 0.05 to 0.15*

Key features

Environmental FriendlinessRecyclable and renewable
StrengthDurable and resistant to external elements
ConvenienceEasy to handle, transport, and store
Shelf LifeExtended preservation of contents
Barrier PropertiesProtects against light, air, and moisture
VersatilitySuitable for a wide range of liquid products
Pouring MechanismEasy-to-use spout or cap
Brand Visibility360-degree branding opportunity
Economic EfficiencyCost-effective manufacturing and distribution
SafetyNo sharp edges or risk of breakage


  • Material : Paper-based
  • Size Options : 250ml500ml1L2L
  • Shape : Rectangular or cylindrical
  • Closure Type : Re-sealable spout or cap
  • Barrier Properties : Protects against light, air, and moisture
  • Printing : Customizable branding and product information
  • Recyclability : Recyclable in many recycling programs
  • Environmental Certifications : FSC certifiedCarbon-neutral
  • Safety Features : No sharp edgesBPA-free

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  • Q1: Is paper Tetra Pak packaging recyclable?
  • A1: Yes, paper Tetra Pak packaging is recyclable and can be recycled in many recycling programs.

  • Q2: What are the environmental benefits of paper Tetra Pak packaging?
  • A2: Paper Tetra Pak packaging is made from renewable resources, such as wood fiber, and has a lower carbon footprint compared to other packaging materials. It also helps reduce food waste by providing extended shelf life for products.

  • Q3: Is paper Tetra Pak packaging suitable for liquid products?
  • A3: Yes, paper Tetra Pak packaging is designed to safely contain liquid products, such as juices, milk, and soups. It has excellent liquid containment properties.

  • Q4: What is aseptic technology in paper Tetra Pak packaging?
  • A4: Aseptic technology in paper Tetra Pak packaging involves a sterilization process that ensures the product inside remains fresh without the need for preservatives. It helps maintain the quality and flavor of the contents.

  • Q5: Can paper Tetra Pak packaging be customized with branding?
  • A5: Yes, paper Tetra Pak packaging provides opportunities for customizable printing, allowing brands to showcase their logos, designs, and product information on the packaging surface.

  • Q6: Is paper Tetra Pak packaging safe for consumer use?
  • A6: Yes, paper Tetra Pak packaging is designed with safety in mind. It has no sharp edges, reduces the risk of breakage, and ensures the product remains uncontaminated throughout its shelf life.

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*Note: The numbers are our best estimate based on the available information