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Subha Laxmi

2022-07-14 3PM

Climate Action and ClimaJo

Climate action and ClimaJo

What is Climate Change?

NASA defines Climate Change as a broad range of global phenomena which add heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere of the Earth. Climate Change is more immediate than we think it is and has the potential to affect all aspects of human life.

While governments and industries are now reflecting on and devising ways to reduce industrial-level pollution, it becomes equally important for individuals to spring into action.  The cost of apathy and inaction could be very high for each one of us.

Does Individual action matter?

Individual climate action

The answer is Yes!

Far too much focus has been put on Governments and industries, ignoring the fact that conscious consumption can also impact the planet positively to a great extent.  Nearly every living person produces tonnes of greenhouse gases throughout the year. Although it might seem negligible compared with industry, it is of primary importance to note that we are all part of an ecosystem. Therefore, both good as well as bad actions have a ripple effect. 

In other words, individual action and lifestyle changes can build the momentum for collective action and holistic Change.

How can we take climate action?

To lessen the impact of climate change, we can start by taking small but high-impact actions in our daily life. Some examples are replacing meat with greens in the diet, using more public modes of transportation, reusing materials etc. These will reduce the amount of individual carbon footprint and personal impact on the environment to a great extent.

As per estimates, the requisite per capita annual carbon footprint by 2030 is 2.3 tonnes to meet the Paris Agreement target of under 1.5 degrees increase in temperature by the end of this century. However, the current global average is way above that. 

There is something to ‘do’ for every individual. 

How can ClimaJo help individuals live sustainably?

ClimaJo – rewarding sustainable actions

Complex articles and tools are abundant for people to calculate their carbon footprint. However, there is a lack of knowledge and tool kits which can help people take action on a large scale. 

Simplistically speaking, the overwhelming and confusing journey of getting from the “What” of Climate Action to the “How” to move forward is not covered. That is where ClimaJo(short for Climate Journal) comes into play. 

We work at the close intersection of Climate and Tech to help individuals take action in their daily lives by putting a Rewards mechanism in place. In this era of instantaneous gratification, we thought to ourselves- “Why not reward those actions that positively impact the planet?”. Nothing else deserves more appreciation than these at this crucial point in time.

Through this first-ever “EARN for the Planet” application, you can now earn rewards for planet positive behaviours like purchasing eco-friendly products on the in-app marketplace, listening to podcasts and reading blogs on sustainability. You can even journal your sustainable activities in the application. You can redeem these rewards to get discounts on top sustainability brands and products or (tokenized). 

Through this, we aim to encourage and incentivize millions of people to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace impactful lifestyles.

So far, more than 10,000 people across India and the UK have joined us on this journey, most of whom are young folks. When are you joining us?

Together, let us simplify climate action for everyone!

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