Nupur Shah, Founder, SustainBhoomi Renewable & EV Consultancy

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Humans of Climate Action - Nupur Shah

Nupur Shah – Helping the next generation of enterprises scale their sustainability

Helping the next generation of enterprises scale their sustainability efforts is a challenge like no other. Meet NUPUR, who is doing the same across a plethora of areas empowering enterprises and rural communities alike through her work.

“Growing up in a small village near Vadodara, Gujarat, issues such as water scarcity and lack of electricity were no stranger to me.

It was after when my father brought home solar-powered lights, I was really fascinated by how such a simple thing could solve such a complex situation at hand.

This inspired me to learn and go much deeper into the working knowledge of such technologies.

From my experience, there are a lot of great policies that are already in motion by the government, but there is still a huge gap between the fine print and the on-ground challenges that exist.

What seems feasible in one region may not be possible for another, especially given the huge differences across the length and breadth of the country, let alone differences in terms of development, education, and awareness. Hence it is indeed of utmost importance to have a common platform to educate everyone when it comes to sustainability.

After working in consulting as part of the renewable energy vertical for 7 years, I wanted to build such a platform to help enterprises unlock the value of sustainability.

At SustainBhoomi Renewable & EV Consultancy we are working with a lot of organizations to help them in their sustainability efforts across many areas such as feasibility studies, strategic planning, project management, and commercial awareness, to name a few.

But above all, the emphasis on knowledge dissemination around sustainability cannot be overstated as it is a must - now, more than ever.”

Nupur Shah, Founder, SustainBhoomi Renewable & EV Consultancy

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