Praveen Shinde, the Founder and CEO of Pack8 (Officedeck Technologies Pvt Ltd)

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Humans of Climate Action - Praveen Shinde

Praveen Shinde– Founder and CEO of Pack8 (Officedeck Technologies Pvt Ltd

In this episode of #HumansOfClimateAction, we are delighted to share the story of Praveen Shinde, the Founder and CEO of Pack8 (Officedeck Technologies Pvt Ltd), which is now based in Navi Mumbai, with offices in Delhi and Bangalore.

Praveen has over 16 years of experience in Online Supply Chain and Packaging industries.

When asked how he came up with the idea of starting a sustainable packaging company, he shared "I believe sustainability is and should be part of human culture. India has great potential to offer sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to the world at large. We believe that most of the plastics that go into the environment today can be avoided by offering cost-effective, eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives."

He further shares, "While packaging is still not considered a standard industry, it can make a huge contribution to sustainability. As stakeholders of the packaging industry, we have the greatest potential to contribute to a better world."

Environmental Impact is at the heart of Pack8 (Officedeck Technologies Pvt Ltd) and through their products, they have successfully eliminated approximately 1100 tonnes of single-use plastic and replaced it with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions so far."

He adds, "Our products will provide suitable alternatives for our customers to replace or eliminate plastic, thereby enabling sustainable actions and a better tomorrow for all. We are also joining hands with purpose driven organisations such as ClimaJo to amplify our impact and business"

Praveen lives by Niall FitzGerald's quote, "Sustainability is here to stay, or we may not"

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  • Praveen Shinde, the Founder and CEO of Pack8 (Officedeck Technologies Pvt Ltd)

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